Eckermann has developed an implant system that is easy to apply and very effective. With its own patents and ideas.

  • Eckermann Implant – is a 100% Spanish company that developes its activities in the local and international market. The central offices are located in Almoradi (Alicante), from where customer service, administration and commercial management, logistics and production are coordinated.

  • Commitment – Eckermann focuses on offering the most advanced service in implantology, based on the knowledge of reality and their daily needs. It has a great experience as a manufacturer and a great commercial network

  • Scientific comitee of Eckermann – formed by a group of specialist doctors and professionals in various disciplines of the oral-dental field highly experienced in the Systematic of Eckermann Implants. The main value they have is the customer service, focusing mainly on the quality of the product and providing both professionals and patients the most advanced solutions.

Eckermann solutions are capable of satisfying the most demanding professionals, within a constantly advancing sector, where materials and new technologies have to be adapted in order to get the most out of it

Eckermann Dental Implant System


Eckermann y la Unión Europea
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