The unique CONELOCK prosthetic connection is one of its most outstanding differential features and provides great confidence in stability and maintenance of prosthetic rehabilitations on these implants in the long term.

Thanks to the precision of this connection, the implant-pillar assembly has a very robust monoblock behavior, as if there were no connection. In the absence of micromotion, a stable and reliable union is ensured obtaining an optimal transmission of the occlusal loads being, therefore, the closest thing to the behavior of the natural tooth.


Eckermann’s CONELOCK connection provides a completely hermetic mechanical seal, achieving a perfect implant-pillar seal that, as a barrier, prevents infiltrations of micro-organisms that can cause perimplantitis, bacterial proliferation and unpleasant odors in the patient’s mouth

University studies have verified the total tightness of this prosthetic connection, guaranteeing the absence of bacterial leaks (**)

(**)Study for the Evaluation of microfiltration and adjustment in a new concept of implant connection. / ref. AB-15-DO-06.Dra Mireia Pato; Dr. Lluís Giner; Dr. Óscar Figueras. International University of Catalonia.


CONELOCK provides a perfect implant-abutment fixation with a reliable and durable monobloc behavior. However, the design of its geometry allows to remove the prosthesis, if necessary, in a simple and uncomplicated manner, which opens a new door to prosthetic solutions, besides a considerable saving of time and costs