EpiGuide is a resorbable membrane with an exclusive structure, with numerous applications in guided tissue regeneration (GTR) and guided bone regeneration (GBR). It can adapt accurately to any defect with scissors or scalpel. After coming into contact with the blood, the barrier matrix becomes flexible and adapts with special ease to the area of application.


This patented barrier matrix is characterized by its unique three-dimensional configuration. This special internal structure gives rise to a three-dimensional density gradient designed to allow the penetration and adhesion of fibroblasts and epithelial cells and their stabilization in situ. The cross section shows the innovative structure: from the inner layer (with large closed pores), it is passed to a chamber structure and finally to an external layer of high porosity, also with large pores

LAYER 1: surface facing the defect

Closed pore layer that allows the absorption of abundant blood and facilitates the adaptation of the membrane on the surface of the tooth

LAYER 2: intermediate layer

In the internal chamber structure between the two different surfaces an organized blood clot is formed, which promotes the formation of collateral vessels and allows the free penetration of interstitial fluid

LAYER 3: surface with relief, oriented towards the gum

The external face with relief has large interconnected pores. This structure promotes a slower infiltration of the fibroblasts and thus favors the accumulation of cells


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