Eckermann is a company that has the approval certificate of the “Quality System Assurance” since our product complies with the most demanding European standards, as a result it is a product of the highest quality, endorsed by the CE mark granted by the Notified organism. Eckermann also has the European certification UNE EN ISO 13485 and UNE EN ISO 9001 so it meets all the demands of the market and the implantology professional. Eckermann builds itself as a solid company, as the result of a research project based on constant contact with professionals in the sector and being factory that has the up to date micromechanical technology, with all the guarantees that a quality system can offer.

Certificado Eckermann Dental Implant System


ISO 13485

EC Nº1247/MDD

EC Nº1248/MDD

EC Nº1253/MDD