Eckermann sponsor of the awards for the best oral communications and posters during the SEI 2018 congress in Alicante

During the days 8th and 9th of past June, the XXX National and XXIII International Congress of the Spanish Implant Society took place in Alicante. Eckermann was present at booth 37 giving all the information on product and service news and supporting the new talents of the dental sector by sponsoring the awards for the best posters and oral communications.

On saturday 8th we had the opportunity to meet the winners and give them our sincere congratulations during the closing dinner of the congress held at the Hotel Meliá.

The winning oral communications were:


  • Best oral research communication:

         “Importance of the sand-etched surface with respect to the anodized surface of dental implants. An experimental study in vivo.”

           Cabanillas Balsera y colaboradores (University of Sevilla)


  • Better clinical oral communication:

“Vertical increase by simultaneous block graft with sinus lift with lateral access.”

          Masó Serra y colaboradores (University of Málaga)


  • Best clinical research poster:

        “Oral Cancer and Dental Implants”.

         Mirambell Viñas y colaboradores (University of Barcelona)


  • Best clinical poster:

“Short implants: an alternative treatment in the posterior atrophic sector.”

          Salinas Pérez y colaboradores. (University of Sevilla)


  • Best poster review literature:

        “Incidence of emergencies in the dental office. Updated systematic review.”

         Gónzalez Ruiz y colaboradores (Catholic University of Murcia)


  • Best clinical case poster:

“Bone regeneration guided with bovine bone and absorbable membrane, membrane exposure treatment.”

         Milla y colaboradores (University of Granada)